Don Omar

Origin : Puerto Rico
Instrument :
Styles : Reggaeton
Official Site : Don Omar

Don Omar : discography

Don Omar - Meet The Orphans [Deluxe Edition] album cover Album : Meet The Orphans [Deluxe Edition]
Year : 2010
Don Omar - iDon album cover Album : iDon
Year : 2009
Don Omar - King of Kings album cover Album : King of Kings
Year : 2006
Don Omar - The Last Don album cover Album : The Last Don
Year : 2003

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News about Don Omar

Bad Bunny has just surprise released a new album called Las Que No Iban A Salir . It's the reggaeton superstar's second new album of the year following February's YHLQMDLG , which he also released with little warning. The new album features guest appearances from Don Omar, Yandel, Jhay Cortez, Nicky Jam, Gabriela, and Zion & Lennox.
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Hey, uh, are you all OK? Because you probably won’t be shocked when we tell you this is not exactly a relaxing time. But if we’re gonna make it through two weeks of isolating at home to avoid a pandemic with our sanity intact, we need to stay positive. Luckily, we have a solution. Just watch one of these movies with extremely happy endings, every single one guaranteed to leave you feeling so upbeat and genuinely awesome that you’ll still be smiling, even if you have to leave the safety of your house.

“Babe” (1995): If you aren’t ugly cry-smiling when James Cromwell says “that’ll do, pig” you have no soul. Shame on you.

“Back to the Future” (1985): Marty fixes his life and his parents’ lives with time travel. Then we get a SUPER DOPE sequel hook. And then comes Huey Lewis and the News at their artistic and commercial peak to make you feel so good you won’t care if you’re coughing.

“Bridesmaids” (2012): New friendships made, old friendships saved, a romantic comedy romance for our heroine, then the cast lip syncs to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips and it rules so much you can barely tell if you’re feeling congested.

“Bring It On” (2000): The Compton Clovers win the tournament, Isis (Gabrielle Union) and Torrence (Kirsten Dunst) become friends, The Toros’ second place finish feels like a win because they did it without cheating, and then the cast mimes a cover of “Hey Mickey” that’s so much fun who cares if society is crumbling.

“Chef” (2014): This is a great movie if you want to remember the Before Times, when we could still leave our houses and eat street food. You also get a dance party in the closing credits. Take that, end times anxiety.

“Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” (2009): Tim FINALLY shows real affection for his son and then Flint and Sam kiss. No, I’m not coughing; I’m crying.

“Dora and the Lost City of Gold” (2019): Nothing makes the pandemic blues fade like a great movie that also does an affectionate parody of “Dora the Explorer” tropes and then ends with an amazing musical number that basically recaps everything we learned.

“Fast Five” (2011): “Come on, baby. Don’t be mean.” Cue millions of dollars and a montage of our heroes living THAT life set to Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro.” THEN Dom and Brian do a street race set to Omar’s “How We Roll.” Hell yeah, we roll like this!

“Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993): Wait, the two dogs and their kitty friend make it home alive and Chance learns to love his family? Shut up! I’m not crying; you’re crying. I SAID SHUT UP! I AM NOT CRYING!

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!” (2018): It’s already one of the greatest movie musicals of all time before the ending turns into a totally insane sing along to Abba’s “Super Trouper” featuring the older characters dancing with their younger selves, the ghost of Meryl Streep, and CHER!!!!

“Pitch Perfect” series (2012-2017): All three of these “perfect” movies are perfect but the third ends with a staggering performance of George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” and then the romantic loose ends are tied up during the credits. Pandemic depression cured!

“Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” (2016): The criminally underappreciated masterpiece from The Lonely Island is nonstop hilarious and then Michael Bolton shows up at the end to sing “Incredible Thoughts.” Also, the picture here is the world’s cutest kitten just hugging a dog, which you’d know if your brain was a genius.

“The Princess Bride” (1987): That really was the best kiss of all time.

“Ratatouille” (2007): You know this movie is great and you know the end is great. Seems like now would be a great time to watch it again, doesn’t it?

“School of Rock” (2003): “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n’ Roll)” by AC/DC is indisputably the best rock song ever recorded. And Jack Black and the kids play it at the end of this great movie.

“Shazam!” (2019): By far the best movie not called “Superman: The Movie” to be based on a DC Comic. If you didn’t yell “Hell Yes”and embarrass yourself in the theater when the thing depicted in the image above happened, you need a hug.

“Sing Street” (2016): Awesome songs, a great coming of age story, then we end with a truly cathartic bittersweet moment of hope for the future and the successful pursuit of one’s dreams. For instance, I dream of being able to leave the house again.

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (2018): This is a pretty good kiss, too.

“Trolls” (2016): When Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick sing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and turn the Bergens into happy dancing party people your mood will be dramatically improved. And I know because in November 2016 I saw this three times in the theater because, for some reason, I needed cheering up.

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (1971): “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.” “What’s that?” “He lived happily ever after.” Just like we will once this whole thing is over.

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